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We had the perfect start today for Nollywood filmmaker and star OMONI OBOLI as she launched her media campaign for her film OKAFOR’S LAW, participating in this year’s Toronto International Film Festival: she enjoyed an hour long interview with Toronto-based AfroGlobal TV and Planet Africa magazine publishers.20160906_113744 20160906_120045Sitting down with show host, Patricia Bebia Mawa, Omoni (pictured below on her throne-like interview hot seat) talked at great length about being a female director and writer in what has mainly been a male domain. She also shared how she manages to maintain a fulfilling home life with her husband and children while building her career and expanding her professional horizons.20160906_120128 20160906_130347The crew and other AfroGlobal TV personalities joined Omoni for post-interview photos – as you can see she quite the hit in the studio!20160906_130536 20160906_130559 20160906_130613 20160906_130722Okafor’s Law has its world premiere red carpet next Monday (Sept.12) at 8:45pm at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto. Check the official festival website for screening dates and times, and to purchase tickets online.  And to watch this episode of AfroGlobal TV tune into Rogers channel 708 if you’re in Toronto or follow Afroglobal Television on Facebook for the video link.Okafor's Law red poster flat


File 2016-03-30, 10 54 41 PM

Come walk the aisles of the Canadian Special Events Expo with me

Yesterday (Wed. March 30), my fabulous assistant Gabriella and I visited the annual Cdn Special Events expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, meeting old friends and making new biz connections. I’d like to intro you to some of the great suppliers of entertainment, edible goodies and services to the events industry.  One of the first exhibits was this beautiful display of event furnishings…lovely, dontcha think?DSC08449Then on we went to say hello to the lovely ladies of IGNITE Magazine (below) a great trade magazine offering advice and solutions for event planners.DSC08454 20160330_125015Next door was the super deelish booth of SUCCULENT CHOCOLATES (below) who tickled eveyone’s tastebuds with their samples. DSC08460 20160330_125644We then chilled out at the GLISSE ON ICE display which showcased the beautiful and artistic skating prowess of two lovely ice dancers (below). The shows tour the world and I was thrilled to reconnect with founder, Chantal Fry (bottom pic) who was once a star herself of the Stars on Ice shows 20160330_125839 File 2016-03-30, 10 57 38 PM

After watching the pretty ice ballerinas, Gabriella and I joined the chilly festivities over at ICE CULTURE INC. who were taking cute pics thru a carved block of ice, so of course we obliged!  www.iceculture.com7685_1105766642799404_1978000996215742229_n 12809708_1105766622799406_8259460638658444533_n…and I was so happy to meet up with my previous intern/assistant, Nicole Green (below) who has just started building her own PR/Mkt’g business. Bravo, Nicole.11202085_1105766742799394_6395239957900440469_nNext, we had fun with the fellas from CREATIVE CLUB CORPORATE at their Lego booth…oooh, look – Minions!   www.creativeclubcorp.comDSC08470 20160330_13102620160330_131036Gabriella had so many great photo opps, including this one with giant chess pieces!!20160330_131245And of course, any opportunity for silly snaps were not ignored….20160330_131345 20160330_132050IMG_0035_01 (1)We loved the display of food and furnishings at ECLECTIC EVENTS INT’L – they always deliver innovative and exciting booth displays. This year, they had an intergalactic theme and we enjoyed the space treats and the spacey floor and wall coverings.  DSC08495 DSC08493 20160330_132445I loved this Moroccan-themed showcase…where’s the camel?DSC08502One of the scarier booths was this wildlife encounter company. I was thinking about posing with the ‘gator or one of their snakes (which I’ve done in the past) but there was such a long line-up I decided to keep walking. I hope this poor little critter was enjoying itself but I’m not so sure.DSC08518We then stopped in to say hi to Joni DeAngelis at the DeANEGELIS ENTERTAINMENT booth where this lovely aerial artist was contorting herself while Joni’s husband, the incomparable Bob DeAngelis, played his groovy clarinet.


We dropped in on the wacky folks of BANGER BINGO, a corporate events & team building group who obviously embrace the weird and wonderful! Such nice people and we had such a blast at their booth. DSC08523 DSC08520 20160330_134610All in all, it was a far smaller event than last year but Gabriella and I enjoyed chatting with the vendors and snappin’ saucy pics at their booths. Hope you enjoyed this virtual visit to the Canadian Special Events showcase in Toronto.20160330_134110 20160330_134853



I love joining clients at gigs, especially when it involves taking a road trip and visiting audiences outside of the big city. Last night, I joined brilliant stage hypnotist ADAM GRAEME  [] when he entertained members of Trenton, Ontario’s Canadian Legion (Branch 110) – the event hall was full of enthusiastic folks, some of whom were definitely skeptical, but within a matter of a few minutes, Adam proved why he is considered one of the brightest, most innovative comedy hypnotists working in the country. First, he warmed up the audience with a little mystic psychology (below)20160226_191535…and then he called for volunteers.  A couple of ladies hesitantly approached the stage area, then before long, all the chairs were filled with willing participants. “You can’t hypnotize me,” one volunteer said, but she under-estimated Adam’s powers, much to the amusement of the crowd.20160226_194020Very soon, Adam had them driving imaginary cars (below), showing off their kung-fu prowess, talking smack to a teddy bear, performing as Frank Sinatra complete with back-up singers & a kick-line, and even trying to count  their own fingers which one confused young lady just could not do – she’d forgotten how to count to ten!20160226_201340The entire evening’s entertainment was clean, family-friendly and so much fun. None of the volunteers did anything too naughty but we’re sure there are a few husbands and wives still teasing their spouses about their stage antics that brought the house down!  I recorded several post-show testimonials (see end of this blog) and I’m sure Adam will be called back for another show soon. Thanks to all at the Legion Hall for their warm hospitality, especially groovy bartender Tammy who waited patiently to turn out the lights while we packed up all the gear.20160226_17100020160226_173705I also have to thank Erin & Adam Keats who run the charming Trenton Delicatessen (below) as they stayed open long enough to make me a delicious ham & Swiss sandwich and potato salad after my long journey from Toronto. Oh yummm! They have a wonderful selection of Dutch treats and I made sure I picked up a few sweeties to go. If you visit Trenton, be sure to drop in and say hello to the Keats.20160226_173208 20160226_173216 20160226_173231

Here’s what the audience thought of Adam Graeme’s show…

Adam is available for corporate events, family-friendly festivals, private parties and club dates –


I recently welcomed new client ADAM GRAEME – he’s a very talented comedy hypnotist who offers that special bonus for corporate clients and family-friendly events: he works clean! No naughty nasties here – Adam creates laughter from the reactions of both the on-stage participants and those sitting out the the audience without resorting to the all-too-familiar vulgarities or f-bombs!  I recently sat down with Adam to review his career so far and the direction he’s looking to take his stage act over the next few years.  Let me share some of his comments with you and I encourage you to follow him on social media as well as visit his website for more information – contact info can be found at the bottom of this story.Adam, how/when did you discover your “gift”?
The ability to be able to hypnotize someone is not so much a gift as it is countless hours of study and practice. I have been studying in one form or another for over 15 years and continue to learn more with every day and with every performance.
What inspired you to take hypnosis to the comedy stage and corporate arena?
Comedy has always been a big part of my life.  From a very young age, I fell in love with comedy by watching comedy icons like Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Martin and Robin Williams. I admire talented comedians who relied solely on their wit instead of crude shock comedy. I believe hypnosis to be an overlooked phenomena that has the potential to change the world and what better way to bring about awareness than through making people laugh!? So armed with the desire to bring back honest and palatable comedy plus an obligation to inform the public about the powers of hypnosis, I took to the stage.Who are your heroes as far as comedy hypnotists, illusionists or comedians?
This is a tough question as so many entertainers have had such a positive influence on my career.  My favorite comedy hypnotist I would say is a tie between Marc Savard and Catherine Hickland. Marc is a Canadian who has the longest standing hypnosis show in Las Vegas and keeps his comedy at a very high standard. Catherine is one of my mentors and such a dear friend. How will you know when you have met Cat? Because you will find yourself asking, “Who is that person and why is she carrying a chicken around all the time?” Yes, she has a pet chicken named Nugget who goes on tour with her.
What has been one of your most memorable performances to date, and why?
There is one particular performance that was pretty great and happened just recently. I have five kids all under eight years old and so it’s very rare that my whole family has an opportunity to be with me for a show. In January, I performed to a sold-out audience in a Niagara Falls theatre where I was able to get all the kids in. I created a new Star Wars skit just for my boys and it went flawlessly. The video is on my website and it’s one you have to see.You’re a hands-on dad so do you use your powers of persuasion to get the kids to bed on time or to eat certain healthy foods (i.e.“broccoli is good for you and it tastes like Coco Puffs”)?
Yes, it works on kids, too. My son, Grady, will attest to this on two separate occasions. One was when he absolutely refused to eat perogies. Much like a Dr. Seuss book, he would not, could not eat his perogies! After a few short moments, he was gobbling them up and asking to have them again another night. With a little “persuasion” we now called the perogies “dumplings” and with a little reinforcement in how delicious they were, it was all it took. The second instance was when Grady was playing on my iPad in bed and accidentally turned on my insomnia self-help CD. Ten minutes after, I was walking by his room and heard my voice; I opened the door and saw him completely passed out. It was amazing.
I understand you’re also able to use your hypnosis skills for health and wellness eg: stopping smoking, weight loss/gain…. Have you ever been approached after one of your stage shows and asked by an audience member for help in those areas?
In all the years I have been performing, I don’t think there has been a single show yet where people haven’t asked me about helping them with something they’re struggling with and that’s the reason why I created my MaxU hypnosis self-help program. I would love to be able to help everyone on a one-on-one basis but unfortunately I would end up spending all of my time working on therapy with only the amount of time to help a small number of people.  The cost of working with me on an individual basis may be too high for the average person, so with the desire to help as many people as possible, I set out to create a system that could give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of hypnosis in their own home at an affordable price. The end result was MaxU. All the information is available on my website and if you or someone you know is struggling with weight loss, quitting smoking, insomnia, has a fear or anxiety, I highly recommend taking a look.
Many people scoff at the ability to hypnotize or be hypnotized…can you explain the simplicity of the power of suggestion without giving anything of your act away?
Of course!  Hypnosis is a state of mind between an awake state and a sleep state. It is not conscious or subconscious but rather a state of super conscious where your mind is so intently focused on a single point that it allows the hypnotist direct access to your subconscious mind. Think of your conscious mind as the filter that does your critical thinking and acts as the gate keeper to your subconscious. It decides what to let in and what to reject. Your subconscious stores memories and controls your automatic functions like your breathing and your heartbeat. With hypnosis, we distract the conscious mind with relaxation and concentration so the subconscious can come out and play. It is very real and anyone that enters my theatre may come in as a skeptic but definitely leaves as a believer.
2016 is looking like an “expansion year” for Adam Graeme’s career – what’s on your wish list for performance venues or occasions?
Yes, it seems like the expansion started a couple years ago and hasn’t really stopped yet which is quite amazing. I have been very fortunate to have such great support from both family and friends. More and more people are seeing the show which is leading to more and more work to the point of having to hire extra staff just to keep up. The very top of my wish list is to be able to perform at Disney World in Florida and we are in the middle of getting the paperwork sorted out to make that a reality and I’m very excited.
Anything else you’d like to share with my readers?
The most important thing to remember in life is that your reality is fluid. If you don’t like something in your life, you possess the ability within your own mind to change it into whatever you want. I have helped countless people through hypnosis and if you’re a non-believer, come out and support your local comedy stage hypnotist to see just how powerful it is and how it can change your life as well.

Adam recently attended the annual trade show for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies in Toronto and met some other entertainers you may recognize including Doo-Doo the Clown (below) who recently made news headlines by rescuing a woman being pursued by a potential mugger….…and fellow corporate entertainer, illusionist Lucas Wilson (below)   Twitter: @GraemeHypnotist


Visiting the annual PPPC promotions tradeshow in Toronto.

Thanks to the generosity of the promo experts at Universal Links Inc.  I was able to attend the PPPC National Convention 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre yesterday, accompanied by my trusty side-kick and photographer, Gabriella Luchetta. PromoCan/PPPC presented their annual tradeshow featuring the newest trends in the promotions and corporate incentives business (like these wacky pens above), and I wanted to share the sights and sounds with my readers…so come walk the aisles with Gabriella and me on this virtual tour.DSC08039Everything and anything you can stick a corporate logo on is featured here. Coffee mugs, coasters, stickers, pens, apparel, frisbees, decals…all shapes and sizes are available. Companies like Universal Links source merchandise like these then offer to their clients (known as end-users) who distribute to their customers as give-aways or special promotions and corporate gifts. Gabs and I saw so many cool things we’d like to be given as “gifts”…..DSC08062 DSC08064 DSC08066We had a lot of fun with the folks in the Soft Stuff Creations booth hugging teddy bears, I even tried to hug the hunky “booth babe” manning the display but I just made him laugh…LOL!20160129_130558 DSC08073 DSC08074Of course, we went straight to all the chocolate promotions like the Taylor-Grant booth below where Gabs chowed down on samples and I made do with just looking at the yummy catalogue (I really MUST lose some lbs).DSC08080There’s always lots of fun squishy stress relievers…here are some of our favourites:DSC08093 DSC08177 DSC08180Gabriella found this cute froggy (below) which she promptly pulled apart… it’s actually a memory stick/USB as are those other cute characters behind.File 2016-01-29, 4 57 23 PMGreat to meet Karen (below) from Martini Promotions who showed us some funky sparkly apparel and reversible totes.File 2016-01-29, 4 58 24 PMDSC08148Suddenly, Gabriella and I were stopped in our tracks when we spied this stunning grey wrap jacket. Are you kiddin’ me? This is a promo item? So stylish and feels like a baby cashmere goat….wow, who made it?DSC08111DSC08109Founder and President of Redwood Classics, Kathy Cheng (below) came over and introduced herself…and then told us the story of her family business that makes high-quality apparel here in Canada. DSC08119DSC08122Kathy showed us one of the unique items that are made from re-purposed overstock like this 3M umbrella – its materials have been made into this cute cushion (below), creating a stylish functional and fashion-fwd promo gift for the company. This saves unused products going into landfill and allows companies to “re-gift”. Brilliant!DSC08115We were so engaged and inspired by her family’s story that I promised Kathy I would do a special feature blog on Redwood Classics later and interview her once she has recovered from the long hours of the tradeshow so stay tuned.

Lots more groovy products like these watches, custom labelled bottles of wine…wow!DSC08147 DSC08099 DSC08163For fans of “Caddyshack” the movie, you can even find sassy gopher golfclub covers….LOLDSC08135And here’s one of my favourite booths showcasing sparkly, glowing lights on all their products.

Thanks again to Universal Links Inc and the folks at PromoCan/PPPC who hosted the show. Bravo all of you!



It may have been a dull overcast day in Toronto yesterday but inside Dead Dog Records, 1209 Bloor West, the lights were bright and the music was blasting out “Rock’s Not Dead” by local rock singer/songwriter LAURA ROCK (known as L’Rock to her friends and fans) who dropped in for an in-store promotional visit in support of her current CD, Rock’s Not Dead., the Newfie-born now Toronto-based Laura was joined by bandmates Les (rhythm guitar) at left and Bleeding Betty (bass) far right with Dead Dog’s Stephen in grey DDR t-shirt.20151114_140618Between 2-4pm, a number of Laura’s friends and fans showed up (below) to support CD sales and buy the super cool Dead Dog Records t-shirts!20151114_150348Work with me people….make the duck face! I’ve been watching way to much America’s Next Top Model…LOL20151114_145228Even celebrities showed up @ Dead Dog Records…here’s my old friend Gemini and 3x Cdn Comedy Award winner George West below with Laura. George and I go waaaaay back to the late 80’s when he was part of a brilliant comedy duo, Al & George, and has since gone on to a successful solo music, writing and acting career. 20151114_142556In between meetin’ and greetin’ fans, Laura and the band browsed the bins, unearthing all sorts of musical treasures…20151114_143853…and I loved the t-shirt rack and lots of other pop-culture merch.20151114_135610

20151114_135456 20151114_135522But even tho the store was rockin’, work still had to get done….20151114_135557BIG THANKS to Stephen, Maesy and Kristie of Dead Dog Records for having us in their store. If you love music, esp. vinyl, they can find anything you want or desire. Drop in, spend an hour going thru the racks and bins and I guarantee you will find something you didn’t know you wanted but just had to have! Their website is launching soon but you can follow them here:

And again, here’s Laura’s website:  or you can follow her on Twtr @lrocknroll




Earlier this morning, I took music client, Laura Rock (a.k.a. L’Rock) down to the SiriusXM radio studios in Liberty Village to chat with the fabulous Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy, hosts of What She Said radio show.’s philosophy about the music industry is “all the web’s a stage and music is a way of life…not a destination”.  Her willingness to encourage other artists has been recognized throughout the industry and acknowledged on many social media platforms. She believes the “point of power is the present view. Whatever you’re willing to conceive and believe is what will come to you. It’s The Law of the Attraction”.

The Newfie-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter shared her views on the current state of the music industry, in particular rock music, with What She Said’s listeners, resulting in an animated, fun and thoughtful 15 minutes of insider expertise and opinions. She also brought in t-shirts and CDs for the hosts (Kate Wheeler is the 3rd host) who showed their enthusiasm for free clothes…especially Christine (below)20151104_101634If you want to hear what L’Rock’s music is all about, visit her website or better still, if you’re in Toronto, come down to Dead Dog Records, 1209 Bloor West (at Lansdown) on Saturday Nov. 14th 2-4pm to meet Laura in person, pick up her CD Rock’s Not Dead and some t-shirts, and hang out with her band and the big loud promo truck parked outside the store playing all her tunes.deaddoglogofbookYou can also listen to Laura’s interview via the What She Said website


Bruce Lawes- Partners (web file) SRGB watermarked


Is this not the coolest cowgirl painting ever? Yes, this is a painting… not a photo. I must say it brought back many happy horsey memories of my own youth, spending hours in the saddle and in the barn with ponies and horses at the local riding stables back home in Australia.

Internationally renowned artist Bruce K. Lawes has just completed this 18″ x 13″ oil on linen painting of a girl and her horse titled “Partners” in time for The Great American West art show and sale at the Settlers West Gallery in Tucson, AZ. taking place Nov. 21st.

So if you need to feed that inner cowgirl (or boy) soul, check out Bruce’s brand new website for more details of this and other horse paintings. “Partners” will soon be available for sale as a Limited Edition print – but why not sign up for Bruce’s e-newsletter and you could actually WIN a print of “Partners” or other Limited Edition prints (see samples below) as Bruce will be drawing a name each month from his subscription list to win a Limited Edition print of your choice, valued at US$195.00. gypsy-blu-sunrise in-the-ready


Traditional Akha (1)


These days, we have a special day for everything…Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, bagel day… and tomorrow it’s International Coffee Day so I thought I’d join in with my own spirited tribute to caffeine by telling you about a new Canadian free-trade coffee company I recently encountered during the Toronto Int’l Film Fest – the Doi Chaang Coffee Company headquartered in Vancouver, BC.  BlendsFamilyCI first met their representatives during a TIFF gift lounge visit and was thrilled to receive a bag of their Social Medium beans to try at home. OMG, the flavour is rich, aromatic but not acidic and has no bitter after-taste. My kinda brew!20150909_123025Thanks to their PR & Marketing Manager Brittany Brown for sending me some cool photos and product information; so here’s the story behind this unique Canadian company that is helping farmers and their families create a financially and agriculturally viable industry in Northern Thailand.Bean Sacks (16) Doi-Chaang-45-of-131Doi Chaang Coffee Co. is a Vancouver-based coffee company whose unique business model has been gaining recognition nation-wide. Since 2006, the company’s ‘beyond fair trade’ model has supported farmers living and working in a northern Thailand village with steady access to running water, electricity and improved infrastructure.

“We’re proud to be a family-owned business that allows us to give back and support our global community,” said John M. Darch, co-founder of Doi Chaang Coffee (pictured below left at the TIFF gift lounge in the Shangri-La Hotel). “Our relationship with the Doi Chang Village farmers stemmed from our desire to help a community that, despite their dedication and determination, have not been successful in helping themselves.” Doi Chaang has an equal partnership with Doi Chang village, in northern Thailand, meaning its farmers receive 50 per cent of the company’s profits. While Fairtrade partnerships provide fair working environments, wages and labour rights, Doi Chaang goes a step futher by providing 50 per cent ownership to the workers involved, which they’ve coined Beyond Fair Trade®. “Our sustainable sourcing model has enabled us to distribute to the eastern market which will help the Doi Chang Village continue to thrive,” said Darch. “Our customers are investing in the welfare of the farming families in Thailand, enhancing their standard of living, health care, education and cultural heritage and identity.” 20150909_123022Doi Chaang Coffee Company is one of the most innovative, socially responsible, yet economically viable, specialty coffees on the market. Rated among the top 1% in the world, the coffee is the only single-estate, 100% Arabica, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified and shade grown coffee grown in Thailand. The beans are cultivated and processed by the indigenous AKHA hill tribe in small, family owned gardens in Doi Chang Village located in the Chang Rai Province of Northern Thailand, but freshly roasted and packaged in B.C. 

Doi Chaang coffee is available in Single-Estate roasts, Blends and biodegradable Keurig-compatible, single serve aroma cups in independent and major retailers across the country including Choices, Safeway, Thrifty’s, Longo’s, Sobeys and FreshCo.  For more information, visit Medium & Hardwired - English - 2 of 2So the next time you fancy a brew-up, think about the impact purchasing fair-trade coffee has on the lives of those who grow and harvest the beans that make our mornings so bearable!  HAPPY INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Big poppa

PAN-Primary Logo-Square


On Tuesday, September 29th, PANERA BREAD is inviting guests to all Toronto-area bakery-cafe locations for its first ever Customer Appreciation Event. Guests are invited to enjoy a free cup of coffee, gift card giveaways and samples of favourite menu items* –  the event will serve as a kick-off to a relationship with the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Agencies of Canada where donations will be collected until the end of October with a portion matched by Panera Bread ULC and Covelli Enterprises.  *One medium hot coffee per person. Espresso and capuccino beverages excluded.   Each cafe will randomly give away Panera Bread Gift Cards while supplies last. Visit for local store hours.everything-bagel.desktop cherry-pastry.desktopPanera was welcomed into the community of Mississauga with its first store opening in 2008. Just seven years later, there are now 16 locations in Canada with 10 throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  For additional information on the upcoming event, visit your local Panera Bread bakery-cafe.sc3a-wwc-roasted-turkey-apple-cheddar-sandwich.desktop classic-salad-whole.desktop vegetarian-autumn-squash-soup-bowl.desktop steel-cut-oatmeal-with-apple-chips-and-pecansParticipating Panera Bread bakery-cafes in southern Ontario include:
Downtown Toronto – 322 Yonge St.
Sherway – 197 North Queen Street, Toronto
Don Mills – 1066 Don Mills Rd
Oakville – 2530 Winston Park Drive
Dorval – 220 North Service Road West
Erin Mills – 2575 Eglington Avenue West
Mississauga – 5935 Mavis Rd.
Mississauga – 55 Square One Dr.
Markham – 3987 Highway 7
Richmond Hill – 9350 Yonge St.
Vaughan – 16 Famous Avenue
Oshawa – 240 Ritson Road North
Barrie – 149 Park Place Blvd

About Panera Bread 
30 years ago, at a time when quick service meant low quality, Panera set out to challenge this expectation. They believed that food that was good and that you could feel good about, served in a warm and welcoming environment by people who cared, could bring out the best in all of us. To Panera, that is food as it should be and that is why we exist.
So Panera began with a simple commitment: to bake fresh bread from fresh dough in every bakery-cafe, every day. No artificial preservatives or short cuts, just bakers with simple ingredients and hot ovens. Each night, any unsold bread and baked goods were shared with neighbours in need.
These traditions carry on today, as Panera has continued to find ways to be an ally to their guests. That means crafting a menu of soups, salads and sandwiches they’re proud to feed our families. Like poultry and pork raised without antibiotics on their salads and sandwiches. A commitment to transparency and options that empower Panera’s guests to eat the way they want. Seasonal flavours and whole grains. And a commitment to removing artificial additives (flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives) from the food in their bakery-cafes. Why? Because Panera believes simpler is better and in serving food as it should be. Because when you don’t have to compromise to eat well, all that is left is the joy of eating!

For more information, visit or find us on Twitter (@panerabread), Facebook ( or Instagram (@panerabread).