Wow! I was blown away by GARY BARNETT‘s beautiful series of mixed acrylics on board and canvas titled “A Closer Look” that opened today at Urban Gallery (400 Queen St East, Toronto). The Kitchener, Ontario, artist welcomed many friends and fans with a wine and cheese reception, and I must say I was under the artist’s spell from the moment I walked thru the gallery door!20160409_15385820160409_15385020160409_15141420160409_15394920160409_154217Here’s Gary busy explaining his technique to fellow artist Brenda Clews...20160409_145259 20160409_145312Let’s hear what he has to say….

I ran into the fabulous Kaspara Albertsen, previous gallery goddess at Urban, now working with a film production company in Toronto…we both thought Gary’s work was so hot I needed to work my fan hard for the both of us!!20160409_144936 20160409_151429And gallery curator Allen Shugar (above right) was happy to share Gary’s work (and a glass or two of wine) with a friend.
The gallery was hoppin’ and everyone was fascinated with the textures Gary incorporates into each painting, which is why he also supplied Sherlock Holmes’ style magnifying glasses for us all to use to get a “close up” view of his work.20160409_145153 20160409_145307 20160409_145345 20160409_145405 20160409_145426 20160409_145408 20160409_14544520160409_151355 20160409_154001 20160409_154147

Join me for a quick virtual tour of some of my fave pieces featured in Gary’s show…

I encourage you all to visit in person; Gary’s work is very affordable for anyone wanting to add a piece to their personal art collection (or to start building one) with prices ranging from $300 to $1,050. This one, Indigenous Fossil (below) may just have to come home with me….I kept coming back to it as if it called my name. What do you think?20160409_154207

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