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Was thrilled to be put in touch with first-time author PAUL FISHER via our mutual friend, Carla Collins. Strange how we are all connected…but maybe not so strange according to Paul whose debut novel LIKE A RIVER TO THE SEA encompasses life, death and beyond.  When Paul was 20, his father died at the young age of 47. Paul was with his father during the last few days of his dad’s life and, in fact, was with him in the Intensive Care Unit as his father’s heart failed on several occasions, resulting in a series of near-death experiences. His father, upon resuscitation from each of these events, told Paul that there was a world that existed beyond this life, and did his best to describe the feelings and philosophies that he had been exposed to during his brief sojourns into the “other side”.Like a River to the Sea is the story of an ordinary man, who, it turns out, has a most extraordinary story to tell. Joshua Davidson was born in Nashville Tennessee; in his 41st year, he is about to die there. This is the story of his life, his loves, his hopes, dreams and fears. It is also the story of what happens to him at the moment he shuffles off this mortal coil, and then what lays beyond. It will change the way you look at your own life, and how you tell your own story. Joshua’s story will help you understand how all the seemingly random people and events that collide with us in our lives are, in fact, quite premeditated and full of purpose. The book explores life, death, connections, mystery and the metaphysical. Here is what Paul shared with me….

Paul also shared his thoughts on things metaphysical or spiritual, that he always had questions since childhood and how that impacted his writing…

Paul has enjoyed a successful career in media, first as a popular radio announcer, then media executive and now author. Recently retired from the radio industry, he worked with several major Canadian media companies including Rogers Media, CHUM Radio and Bell Media.

I asked Paul that knowing what he learnt from his father’s passing and coming to terms with the experience over the decades in-between, would he change anything about his own life or career choices….

The book has been out for a few months now so I asked Paul what sort of feedback he’s received from readers, both friends and strangers….

So is there a second book in the works? And who are your readers?

It was a pleasure chatting with you, Paul, and so the promo dance begins. I’ll be reaching out to Canadian & int’l literary, arts & entertainment media for interviews and reviews so thank you to everyone for supporting Canadian authors. Follow Paul’s writing journey on Fcbk & Instagram:  @PaulFisherauthor

Author:   Paul Fisher
Publisher:‎ Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc.
Soft cover $22.00 (285 Pages)
Kindle or audio book: $9.99
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other popular platforms
ISBN: 9781950639090