MY AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE, PT. XIIID – I am the crocodile whisperer!

My final story on my visit to Broome, Western Australia, and I maybe saved the best and scariest to last?! Am sure most of you are familiar with the late legendary croc wrangler Steve Irwin – he was a hero to the animals indigenous to Australia and created his Australia Zoo park to preserve hundreds of species and educate people on the importance of the tiniest or even the most vicious and terrifying beasties.  This day, Suzi and I experienced the wonder of Down Under’s fiercest critters – the crocodile. The entrance hinted at things to come….off you go, Suzi, you first!About 15 minutes outside of Broome is the Malcolm Douglas Croc Sanctuary and Animal Refuge where we experienced this up-close-and-personal encounter with the crocs and oh my, was it ever exciting! I turned into a little kid, running from enclosure to enclosure ahead of the guided tour, seeing all the big and small reptilians and watching as the keeper (with several fingers missing!!) feed them.

I was just ahead of the crowd when I saw this monster…

The famous daily feeding tour showcases some of the largest crocodiles on display in Australia – you get to see both fresh water and salt water crocs who live behind safety barriers and chain link fences.  Best thing was when Suzi and I got to hold a baby croc – even though he was tiny, his bite could take off several fingers, hence the elastic band around his snout. If you want to visit, check out the website for details, hours and directions. It really was a brilliant afternoon, never to be forgotten!