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New hair do, new web do!

So after getting my hair chopped off and restyled a couple of weeks ago, I thought…why not do the same for my website which was about as tired as my old hair ‘do.  So thanks to Purvin Wai of EZ-Link Solutions, here’s my new fancy-schmancy website. Still easy-to-read and keep-it-simple-stupid in format so even an old blondie like me can add stories, photos and links for clients, post event coverage and newsy content. Just a little more streamlined and, as Purvin says, “welcome to 2015, Glenda”. LOL

I have some great news coming up from RDG Entertainment as well as updates from the ICC World Cup of Cricket being held this month in Australia and New Zealand – my beloved Sri Lankan team plays an important quarter final match tomorrow against South Africa so fingers crossed that the mighty Kumar Sangakkara (below) hits another century and sends the Proteus back home with their tails between their legs!!


So please come back and visit for upcoming news, and feel free to visit all the past blog stories under the tab “Previous Blog”.