Yesterday (Sunday) I spent some time strolling the aisles of the annual Total Health Show down at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), learning about new health & wellness products and protocols. It was great to run into Greg Emerson of THE EDGE, who was a client several years ago when he and his wife Stella introduced the unique blue-green algae supplements for humans and animals. Here’s Greg (below) manning The Edge booth – I encourage you to check out the product  for yourself here: www.theEdgeUp.ca20160410_14222820160410_142242Along another aisle, I was immediately drawn to the jewellery designed and created by Veronica Ciandre of iSOLA Jewellery (below). She uses semi-precious stones and crystals, then threads them together using nature’s numbers in the form of the ‘Fibonacci Sequence’, also known as ‘The Divine Code’ or ‘The Pattern of Creation’ (if you’ve seen The DaVinci Code movie, you’ll understand this). Veronica told me this brings increased harmony and balance to the body and mind when worn, and exponential growth in all areas of your life when used to focus the mind in meditation.  All the materials used have healing properties whose frequencies are increased by the use of the Sequence in the beading pattern. www.iloveisola.com20160410_143332 20160410_144637 20160410_144625Veronica is taking her iSOLA Jewellery to next weekend’s Green Living Show, also at the MTCC, so be sure to drop by and tell her I sent you.

I really liked the Gel Heating Pads and various cooling wraps ideal for “ladies of a certain age”…LOL! Sold online as well as at consumer shows like Total Health Show, they come in various sizes and colours and are perfect for temperature control – I picked up a couple of mini heat pads for my bestie, Erena, who is always cold so hopefully she’ll make good use of them during these last few chilly days of April.  www.heatinaclick.com20160410_143253 20160410_143236 20160410_143156One the best new products I found (and yes, I purchased a couple) are these CLEAN SIP drinking straws (below) that are actually water filters that you can take with you anywhere so you can drink tap water at restaurants, sports stadiums, campgrounds, other countries where contaminents may be an issue (you can avoid Delhi belly or Montezuma’s revenge!!) and airline water (I always doubt the quality of water stored in metal drums in the belly of planes!!)  Check it out yourself: www.cleansip.com 20160410_150215 20160410_132729This truly portable personal water filter lasts for upto 6 months and inside the straw there’s activated charcoal, a microfilter and other patented material that ensures clean water via this revolutionary ionic water purifier. Definitely recommend you check it out. While I was at the booth, a Serbian TV news crew was taping an interview with the boss (below) so the word is spreading around the world about this Canadian company, CleanSip. 20160410_150221For all my friends in the incentives business – Clean Sip straws are ideal as corporate gifts or merchandise as it allows for logos and other messages printed on the straw casing itself.

This year’s Total Health Show was filled with food and supplement samples, demonstrations and daily presentations and guest speakers to enlighten, educate and astound us. Make sure you visit next year: www.totalhealthshow.com 20160410_151051